Paola Bragado. The Mexicanas

- 13.06.2021
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Paola Bragado. The Mexicanas

The Mexicanas is an ethnographic approach to ficheras (hostesses): women who would dance with male clients in nightlife venues with live music. Each dance, drink or bottle consumed with their companions earned them a small amount of money. This profession, which dates back to the golden age of dance halls—in around the XNUMXs and XNUMXs—still survives in some venues in Mexico City.

In this project, Paola Bragado ironically compares both realities: the superimposition of materials—such as traditional Mexican embroidery—, signs and structures in the urban space, which fester with the forms of a violent patriarchy, with the images she takes of these women in their workplaces. Plus, with a gesture of female appropriation of those dance halls, she invites women acquaintances and friends to share poses and sessions with the hostesses. This play with the impurity of the documentary portrait also leads the artist to try other ways of constructing gesturality.